Grow your own Good – an introduction to mindfulness

This full day course is ideal for educators, teachers, support assistants and adults who work with young people in any setting, who want to explore and understand the mindful approach. This course will not only allow attendees to experience the benefits of mindfulness for themselves, but also equip them to introduce mindfulness to the children they work with. Mindfulness benefits everyone and this approach can be especially helpful when supporting young people with anxieties or low self esteem.

By the end of the day you will have a good understanding of what mindfulness is and its benefits. You will have experienced a wide range of practical activities that can be shared with other colleagues and used in your own setting.

LEGO® Mindfulness

LEGO® is a fun, creative tool that young people instantly recognise, engage with and associate with playfulness rather than work. This full day course brings together the fundamental elements of mindfulness teaching with all things LEGO®. Inspired by the successful impact of Daniel Legoff’s LEGO® BASED THERAPY® and the Therabuild® method as well as Neil’s own wide experience of using LEGO® as a tool to engage young people with learning and as a real time simulator, this hands on course will explore how using Lego can support all pupils, especially those with diverse additional needs and challenges to their learning, to thrive and believe in themselves.