Classes and Courses


Here is a selection of the programmes we run with children and young people. Please contact us to find out availability for current courses.

Youth Mindfulness

This 16 week course is perfect for KS2 children and works best delivered in 1 hour slots. Delivered in school by one of our accredited Youth Mindfulness facilitators, staff can take part alongside their class and see how regular mindfulness activities can benefit every child in the class. Mindfulness helps regulate behaviour, improve concentration, helps to build positive relationships and makes you happier.

SOMA Teen Mindfulness

The next level of the Youth mindfulness programme, specifically designed for high school pupils, SOMA is a unique mindfulness programme that can be tailored especially for the young people involved. This means each time we run the programme it is unique. For this reason the course can run for the length of time schools require. Young people chose to take part after joining our team in a taster session and discussion, which contributes to its effectiveness.

Family Mindfulness

This course was requested as parents were keen to find out more about what their children had been learning and this is exactly what the course provides. Families of all ages and combinations work together on an 8 week course to explore mindfulness techniques in practical ways and have fun.

Saturday Mindfulness

Using One House Community Centre as our base, we run 8 week courses every Saturday morning. Groups of children from 7-16 meet and work through the basics of mindfulness and explore lots of different techniques to find out which parts of mindfulness work best for them. They work on understanding how the mind works, gratitude, positivity, kindness and being in the present moment. Each group is different as we are very much guided by the needs of each group.